August 21, 2017

What job trades have the future, not unemployment midway? This is a question of many students in today’s rapidly changing lightning fast.

According to the 2016 scientific statistics, by 2030, about two billion jobs will disappear. This means that 50% of current work in the world will no longer exist. This statistic makes students extremely anxious not know what vocational training should have a future. So how can you be sure that the industry you are targeting will last a long time?

1 – Awareness

Before you orient your future career, you should learn about the industry you are going to follow. You need to study whether the work is disappearing or is likely to disappear. If the path you choose is at risk of being wiped out, immediately turn your head or turn to another, safer, more fashionable way. Do not for the sake of your own time, but decisively choose the industry has no future.

For example, the accounting, tax or telemarketing sectors, etc., are likely to be threatened for the next 15 years. Because technology is growing so fast that everything is automated without the need for human hands. By intelligent machines, it can work day and night and is less error-prone than human beings.

2 – What job classes do you have in the future?

Richard Samson, director of the Era Nova Institute, said the following industries would have a place in the future:

– Supervision and management: Although machines are favored in the future, we still need the interaction between humans and humans. If only machines or machines work with humans, humans gradually become robots. Positions such as restaurant management, hotel management, HR management are never hot. Every place needs to recruit positions like this.

– Hypothesis: The world always needs people to explain things, phenomena, already and imminent. This machine work is hard to replace, because it needs human perception. People are different machines in place, only they can be aware of what is going on around them.

– Work requires creativity and imagination: The world is constantly campaigning for people to constantly create. Emerging careers such as marketing, public relations, … always become the career trend of the younger generation.

In addition to the above, the “immortal” industry is indispensable to the society as doctors, teachers, … can never be replaced. Areas associated with the development of the economy such as real estate, investment, … always fluctuate in the market. This industry is quite dangerous and there is no accurate answer for the future. So, before choosing the path for myself, answer the question: “What vocational training has the future?” If you define the right direction, you will never have to worry about your industry getting crushed or gone.



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