August 21, 2017
August 21, 2017

Many books say that we are all GENIUS. The book also states that in each of us there is an infinite power, our brains have enormous potential.

Many say it is THAT, THAT is ideal.

But watch out, they say POTENTIAL, ie it is latent. That to us, that power is still buried, waiting for us to unearth. But very few people can do it. Because even the belief in your innate ability, we do not even have!

The infinite potential that I call the NUMBER.

From the qualities are probably more familiar with people. We often say that this person has leadership, the other has business characteristics, musical qualities, aesthetic qualities …

The key ingredient is each person’s OBJECTIVE APPEAL.

There is a certain aspect to it, you will learn faster, absorb knowledge more easily, skill more refined and can become excellent in that aspect.The quality is given before we are born in this life. A person can have more substance, more powerful than other factors.

But remember, the qualities are just the CAPACITY of each person. If it is not FOUND, EXPLOITED and USED, it is forever POTENTIAL. In fact, not many people discover and utilize many of their qualities (mainly because of their personality).

Scientists explain the factors that are regulated by genes. Theologians and psychologists explain: Material is the energy accumulated from our previous lives. Whoever accumulates in previous lives, then this life will soon achieve more achievement (if found quality). And this one’s life should also be INTENSIVE energy for our after lives. Thomas Amstrong has developed from Howard Gardner’s “Diverse Intelligence” theory to write seven books of intelligent genres, the seven types of human intelligence: numbers, intelligence, Language, music, graphics – space, inner intelligence, mobility intelligence, interactive intelligence (communication), natural intelligence.

But in fact, I observe there are many more types. For example: the quality of strategic thinking, the quality of analytical thinking, aesthetic thinking, creative substance …

In fact, there is no more varied research than Thomas Armstrong. I also have the idea of ​​writing a book about all the qualities I observe from people around me so that anyone who reads it can unknowingly find out about their qualities. Imagine being like a gold mine, your diamond mine is lying underground. If no one discovers it, then forever it will be underground.

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