To succeed, how many failures are enough?
August 21, 2017
August 21, 2017

It is not tired with a deadline flooded head, flooded the neck that is still not finished, is the first time because the exam is coming but still not where to look, is depressed when not through the subject It took a lot of money to re-learn.

It is also struggling to survive when the first month to worry about rent, at the end of the month have to worry about rice money, is the time to study abdominal hunger to eat without money to eat, and even at times Lonely, sad to live away from home. Yes, college. No one will care how you study, how you are doing, no tutoring after school to help any teacher. And without the care of loved ones, find where the cake or milk box of the mother carries when you are buried in the exam, where to find the words of encouragement when tired, ..

Knowledge of university give you a foundation for future career

Unemployed students, unskilled workers, even some who can not find a temporary job to earn a living to live daily, but do not dare to write in graduated cv University. Know why you are still in college. Why not finish high school and go to work, try to spend a lot of money for college to get unexpected results. So what is the reason? It was a dream of victory. Thinking of going to college is a great success, a good end to a series of days of hard work. So let yourself enjoy the infinite amusement and forget that this is just the beginning. It is also laziness, passive not to explore, to improve experience, skills. University is not the place to teach you a glass, little by little, not simply solve a problem or make a text. The university forces you to have knowledge not only in books but also in social reality. And these things, you will have to study for yourself, as anyone can teach you.

You say you can not learn anything from college. That is because it does not bring any benefit, or you do not know how to apply the knowledge you learned in life. Many students spend hours plowing the movies, playing games, surfing the face, not having to spend a minute reading interesting news about life or finding a good book to read. With a lazy head thinking, a lazy body, a passive lifestyle, unemployment is right.

Never dream of being as good as Bill Gates, having a smart head like Mark Zuckerberg, I have. Never blame college if you have never tried. Stop dreaming and act

University is like a miniature society. It teaches you to be mature, mature when living away from home. Having no relatives nearby to help you, you will have to rent yourself, go to the market, cook, buy yourself underwear and even find a job. There will be no waking up calls in the mornings morning, there will not be times when all you have to do is ask for gifts, no hugs, and your words. And then after all, when you look back, what you get is independence. It is more precious than any material you can get

Of course, the university can not lack the pure feelings, innocent students. It is friendship, love. How can forget the moments with crazy friends singing together, playing together, staying up late night exams, together comfort when a lovelorn and then the children burst into tears. This simple sentimentality can be asked where to find out. University is like that. You probably have your own answer to the question “What did I have learned from university?”

One of the things university will not teach you is writing resume correctly. If you want to find a better job, higher salary like management consulting job, it will be very important to impress the employer. Here is an example about the tips that you have to learn more even in writing a resume:

Tip To Write a Management Consulting Resume

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