August 21, 2017
To succeed, how many failures are enough?
August 21, 2017

I am on a college break, so when I go to work, I find the work is quite hard. Just like any other student, the first job is always the type of leaflet, desk, tutoring, restaurant, internet store, car, guard (robbed, please do not kill me ) … Formerly working at Yuke, one day some of the West came to swim and brought the flock to play, I played for him to play with, I just finished talking oke good brother. This is the first and only time in my life because I do not have a career. But because the holiday should get the job, usually the “cheap” work changed the time spent money for young people, learn less, but the boss is mostly bad.

It’s not easy to have a good boss

My bad luck, the company first met his boss affair with the secretary, his son sent a message to his three children period (in two brothers or jokes football and the same age it most In the company, it is often talked to), I also enthusiastically answered that there is something that the boss called up to quarrel.

Through the second company, she was a real estate broker, thinking like a marketer, cutting salary, making extra work, this company, Holiday leave is almost the last one, employees leave early. This company is now bankrupt, moved to … consulting study.

Then take a look at the cafe for a while, the other is not to serve anymore, but to calculate spending, purchasing materials, etc. … For a while, to start a soft skills training company. Vitality.

The boss of this company has the characteristics that anyone who quit the meeting is to say bad, to the extent that people have died out in memory, but some people vow not to look at each other. When I was away from this company, the old man came back and made a bad talk. Less is learned, but conflicts are many. Have you done this company for several years, where on, where the boss said bad, then handed over some things, then despise, then accidentally (or deliberately?) Make employees see him do not have What is good, after he set up his own company, become a company famous in the field of software, work mind and talented people around. Contrary to the “predictions” of the boss.

Stay this company, be lucked into making Ogilvy, this is the first and only company with good bosses, systematic, boss patiently guide each leaf, allow mistakes and boss get help , Advice, sharing and help are very enthusiastic, and importantly the boss is very good. However, the capacity of myself is limited (I look inward so it is not suitable for work to move much, to do event or to be active on Social), after some time please take a break.


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