August 21, 2017
August 21, 2017
  1. Employees deserve the best of everything (within your reach)

know that businesses are always difficult. Rich in the suffering of the rich, the poor have the misery of the poor. But hard does not mean you cut everything of employees. There is a side to save costs should be to staff to sit and fall all the legs and feet of the type. There are always trying to trim staff salaries (Fine one, fine bottle). Not. My friends You should understand that your employees spend 8 hours a day at work, even more at home. What do you think if they have to drown 8 hours in a place that they themselves can not be comfortable? If possible, create the best conditions for employees to get their work done. At least, give them a decent room, enough light, hot and cold air enough for some occasions (occasionally), a vase of inexpensive fresh flowers for the sisters. Deserve the best (within your reach)

Employee need what they deserve

  1. Intrinsic and extrinsic reward

In the past, when I was in school, I learned a lot about human resources management. Back then, the theory is empty, but there is a memory (good learning from the baby). In the types of reward knowledge, I remember most and applied the most afterwards to work.

 #extrinsic are “hard” rewards: money, bonuses, commissions, etc. #Intrinsic is more about encouragement, respect, public praise, Get their importance and necessity, affirm their value, etc. .. Say you probably understand.

This is just a short note so I am not long on the issue of why use #intrinsic or #extrinsic reward, you can search more Google to read more. But be harmonious between the two. For poor start-ups (, for example), the money does not pay so much, so push #intrinsic up.

HOWEVER, FRIENDS, people still have to eat and sleep to get married, so the cluttered flattery will not be a complete replacement for salary. So in the long run, try to be financially responsible for those who work hard for you.

  1. Company culture

Corporate culture plays an important role in the development of every company. To build a corporate culture, it is not always a big expense or a complicated process.

Ryan Holmes, a Canadian businessman, has taken simple and innovative approaches to make his company a place where everyone wants to work. Here is Ryan’s share, posted in Tech in Asia.

The secrets of creating a corporate culture are not too complicated or expensive. However, they will not make much sense if the company does not have the foundation: Mission, Commitment to employees and the environment. Work hard In many ways, corporate culture is a combination of small things. That is what makes employees excited to go to work early in the week instead of being discouraged.

Creating such an environment does not require a large budget or complicated procedure. They just need the real interest of the leader. Good corporate culture can be born spontaneously, but to flourish and flourish, they need to be supported.

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