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August 21, 2017
August 21, 2017

I have been teaching a lot about BEHAVIOR for young people. Most of us are FRIENDS about our personalities. When I ask each person to write ten words about their personality, most of them use very common words such as cheerful, sociable, enthusiastic … to describe, almost none of the words FEATURE and EXCLUSIVE . Temperament is a very important thing in every human life. In my opinion, it accounts for 50% of contributing to the success and happiness of a human life. Surely you have heard the sentence: Sowing thought to reap action, sowing action to reap habit, sowing habit of reaping character, sowing the fate of reaping.


Each of us is influenced by our individuality. When I learned about Oriental Astrology, I saw in it two things: one is resources, two is resource. There are many types of resources represented in a horoscope: relationship resources (family, friends, co-workers …), resources for money, resources for land, resources for luck ) And resources of qualities, aptitudes (in the form of potential). But how do we use those resources to determine whether you are successful and happy or not. Personality is the HOW we each exploit, use our resources.

Eg: You have a good relationship but the personality or angry, or say harsh words, then stingy, dull gradually these relationships also lost. In contrast, you are liberal, fun and enthusiastic, from which relationships you are more closely connected or other people introduce more relationships, resources are expanded.

You have the personality, talent but personality is lazy, or depressed, complaining, passive, the characteristics will be increasingly buried. Conversely, if you are dynamic, hardworking, hard-to-experience, the qualities will turn into CAPACITY so that you can use, exploit, make money from it.

The innate resources of each person are given differently (like CAPITAL for starting a business). Someone born was inherited hundreds of millions, parents do extensive relations, housing is available. Someone born to hug a debt, there are people who are born correctly rounded 0. But that can not be changed. We can not be born again, we have no choice but to choose our way of life. People who have a lot of capital but do not know how to operate “mouth eat mountain lava”, what kind of thing. And people who have little capital but manage and operate well will gradually accumulate more, can change their destiny. It all depends on BEHAVIOR.


So say change personality, change the fate is so. After all, how do we NOT have bad character?

Buddhism has the sentence: The greatest enemy of human life is itself (actually, it must be: The greatest enemy of one’s life is the selfishness of oneself).

But folk also have the sentence: Country is easy to change, nature is difficult to leave.

Changing personality is extremely difficult and difficult, it requires great commitment and great POWER of each person and must have strong motivational force.

This article will be a FOUNDATION for each of you to read more about personality and how to build a unique personality for yourself.

Personality is defined as the determinant of human psychosocial factors, affecting our TRENDS OF TRENDS.

Knowing the self of others, one can DREW before one’s thoughts and actions in the future.

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