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August 21, 2017
August 21, 2017

Founder of is a person filled with contradictions. He used both metrics and intuition to analyze the problem, who was both careful and bold, both mischievous and assertive. How does this make a businessman?


On the morning of March 6, 2003, Jeff Bezos rented an Aerospatiale Gazelle helicopter to a remote area southwest of Texas. He has been familiar with the hills since his teenage years, spending many summers engaging in grazing cattle or driving Caterpillar tractors on his grandfather’s farm.


The helicopter flew near Mount Cathedral, the rocky mountain is more than 2,000 meters high, reaching up on the forest there are many large trees. The helicopter was Charles “Cheater” Bella, who was considered “legendary” when he survived a plane crash and even faced terrorism in 1988. That morning, Cheater almost lost control of the plane due to the strong winds of carrying his richest and most famous clientele. An emergency landing effort, the plane flipped over and finally landed on a river. It was destroyed but the passengers used the cell phone to call the rescue.

A year later, back at the Amazon headquarters in Seattle, Bezos appeared to have no sign of the accident. People say that life races ahead of you. That accident happened slowly enough for us to have a few more seconds to control it, “Bezos joked and laughed.

Helicopter crash is just one of the “accident” that Bezos has passed after 23 years of acting founder and CEO of Amazon. Back in 1997, when the tycoon to sell books at Barnes & Noble launched a website to compete with Amazon, the director of research firm Forrester has predicted that famous that startups tiny Bezos will Crushed On Wall Street, in the press, and even at Amazon, many people have assumed that the forecast would come true. Amazon shares fall from 100 to 6 dollars. But Bezos is full of optimism and hope

And now Jeff Bezos has succeeded. In the second quarter, Amazon recorded a profit of $ 197 million on $ 38 billion in revenue. Its stock has now surpassed $ 1,000 after rising 40% since the beginning of the year. With a market cap of nearly $ 500 billion, Amazon is larger than all the traditional retailers (such as Walmart, Target, Sears, or JCPenny …). Along with Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon is one of the pillars dominating the Internet. He successfully transformed a small startup into a company with hundreds of thousands of employees around the world.

Bezos is a lucky person? He claimed to be a very lucky person but that was only part of it. The success of Bezos comes from the ideas of a company that is constantly innovating, from vision and intuitive acumen.

At Jeff Bezos is the “nature” of programming enthusiasts. He likes to say things sorted in a numbered list according to their importance, even to the marriage. He shared the number one reason for the decision to marry is to have a person resourceful enough to take him out of the “third world prison.”

But many other entrepreneurs also have such characteristics, there are even people who “love” PowerPoint presentations rather than romantic life. What is the difference of Bezos? It is blind faith to suffering. His best decision was to be backed up by research or an Excel table. Some of his initiatives hurt Amazon’s revenue and profit at least in the short term, but whatever the case, Bezos believes that what is good for the customer will ultimately benefit. For Amazon himself.

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