Bill Gates suggests 5 best books anyone should read this summer

August 21, 2017
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August 21, 2017

It can be said, Bill Gates always give top priority to the news in the field of science, technology and energy. These are also the three areas that he thinks will be promising for anyone who wants to change the world.

And to make sure never to miss the most important news, the billionaire read books every night.

If you also want to make better use of your time, especially in the summer when you have free time, consider the books that the Microsoft co-founder introduced.

“I hope these books will give you insight into what is really connecting people. From there, you will find the purpose of life, “he wrote on his personal blog.

Here are five books Bill Gates suggests everyone should read this summer.



  • “Born a Crime” – Trevor Noah


In this best-selling book, Noah, the celebrity comedian and celebrity of The Daily Show, describes the difficult journey he had been through as a child who was racist in South Vietnam. Enlarged.

Although this is a tragic story, according to Bill Gates, “Noah’s touching stories will make you smile.”

“As a longtime fan of The Daily Show, I like reading the memoir on how this famous male MC has turned the tide, turning the tragedies of life into comedic and never-ending words. Give up, “Gates shared.


  • “The Heart” – Maylis de Kerangal


Bill Gates read the novel after being introduced by his wife Melinda. The book tells the story of a young man after a car accident, declared dead brain. His parents struggled with the decision whether to donate his still-beaten heart to medicine.

Being a fictional nonfictionist, Bill Gates says that this book is “closer to poetry than anything else” and he recommends it to his friends.


  • “Hillbilly Elegy” – J.D. Vance


bestselling memoir has become an interesting photo depicting the life of American poverty today. Vance, a former navy and law student at Yale Law School, shares his experience growing up in the town of Rust Belt, where there are popular workers.

“The book brings insights into the complex cultural and family problems behind poverty. The true magic lies in the story itself and the courage of Vance to tell the story, “said the richest billionaire in the world.


  • “Homo Deus” – Yuval Noah Harari


Last summer Bill Gates introduced one of Harari’s best selling books, “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.” This year, he continues to explore the future of humanity, especially what can happen when people repel war, illness and poverty. “Through Homo Deus, the author wants to emphasize that social norms and organizations will undergo a tremendous change in the 21st century, with the consequent impact on life as we know it. Although he disagreed with what Harari had written, I believe he always looked at and went before mankind, “billionaire Bill Gates said of the book.

"Homo Deus" - Yuval Noah Harari

One of the best book you must read


  • “A Full Life” – Jimmy Carter


Former President Carter was a businessman, politician and human rights activist. Through the book, he shares his regrets, including leaving the US Navy and failing to re-election and the lessons of success he has learned as president, businessman And a Nobel laureate.

“The book will help you understand the process of growing up in rural Georgia without electricity or water is better or worse than your time in the White House,” Bill Gates shares.

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