August 18, 2017
Bill Gates suggests 5 best books anyone should read this summer
August 21, 2017

Study Lock

Today, no one can deny the importance of foreign languages, especially English. But it is not easy to acquire another language day by day. So be persistent and apply the method “accumulate great” home! The application that will help you is: Study Lock.

Study Lock is a fairly lightweight application only 8.08 MB. With this application, you have to choose the exact meaning of the given word to unlock each time you open the screen.

There are many ways to grow mindset

Freaking Math

Although basic math problems like 1 + 1, 2 + 3, … but not easy to achieve high scores. Because time is the biggest problem. So slowly train your sensitivity with Freaking Math you guys!

Alchemy Classic

Have you ever thought about creating this world? You will begin with four basic elements: earth, water, fire and air. Let’s start groping the world with Alchemy Classic. This is a very interesting application for those who are passionate and interested in learning the basics of everything. You will be extremely happy to create a new element!


But if you are not interested in creating the world, then enjoy watching the world! The Star Chart app will help you. Finding where the constellations are located in the sky is just as interesting !? And you will also have the knowledge of astronomy to “cut the wind” again.

Geography Quiz Game

finally, if you want to “enhance” your geographic knowledge then you can not ignore the GeoBee Geography Quiz Game. In addition, you can also search for several other similar applications. With general questions about the geography of the world will give you a lot more interesting knowledge about the unknown country.

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