August 18, 2017
August 21, 2017

About a year ago, when I was working independently, my time was very comfortable, I like to eat when I eat, work tired, then I go to the movies to kill time, friends Let go of the ball go straight. However, since the founding of 8morning.com and building up a team of siblings working with about 10 people up to now, I force myself to have a clear, A fixed daily schedule to help you work more efficiently.

Good working habit increase productivity

Through my observation, one morning when I wake up, if I do not know what to do that day, I have to deal with it first. I often feel anxious around me, Lazy because not know what to solve first, what is the star. So, I think, if there is a regular routine as well as a stable schedule of work, then the work will always be smooth. Here are five common habits that I have just started applying for myself at this moment:

  1. Get enough sleep

I am just like you, I admire great CEOs who sleep a few hours every day and still can work effectively. When I read articles like sleeping less, to spend time at the dead and then sleep well, I was very excited, want to apply immediately. But as soon as the application of sleep 3-4 hours every night, wake up every morning as if it was ghosts. The guy is like borrowing, face no one wanted to meet, no mood to work. So I withdraw immediately, whether it should sleep well, at this age should sleep at least 6 hours a day.

  1. Prepare everything if possible

Every morning I get up to deal with how much work. For the dog to exercise, then I exercise, then prepare clothes, computer types go to balo, find the car keys, and so on. So to save time for the morning, I used to do some of the things I could do in the evening, for example, putting a key in my pants pocket, getting ready for tomorrow Help to find

The lesson here is that some small preparation in the evening will be of great help to you, saving you a lot of time and energy for your holiday in the morning.

  1. Choose a to-do-list that suits you

Are you familiar with scheduling through to-do-list every day, or are you busy? Such planning will keep you focused, less distracted from work and more efficient. On the planning, each person has a different way of planning, for example, I like to use the app as Wunderlist, Trello but have a friend to work with, the type of traditional people, like to write large -list by hand and pen on paper.

  1. Schedule a daily work schedule

I thought, to avoid being at an hour of the day and not knowing what to do then you should have a specific schedule for each day (every week, every month). Naturally, occasional work will arise and you will need to change the schedule a bit, not 100% schedule to handle the work. That’s okay, as long as you get a schedule of what to do every day to get things done.

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