August 18, 2017
August 18, 2017

There are 3 types of personality:


Each of us is born with very personal characteristics. Try to observe the children: there are active energetic, talkative, naughty but many are quiet, introverted, just like observation, passive. Cause there are many: due to gene, due to weather (any season), due to feng shui (weak gas, soil).

To detect and CALL the innate characteristics, people often use the Oriental astrology (horoscope, quartermaster) or Western (Astrology) or observe the behavior of children.

Innocence will affect the habits of each child’s thoughts and actions. Of course, innate personality has good character and bad character. So parents need to EDUCATE CHILDREN GOOD BEHIND (polite, docile, hardworking, responsible) and RESTRICTED RESTRICTIONS (selfish, narrow, ethereal …).


It is the type of personality that is formed by habit. But this habit is formed passively, due to the environmental impact (we see others follow).

For example, students are more likely to spend time in school than in school due to environmental change. Vietnamese people are more comfortable than foreigners.

This type of personality is formed by the particularity of society. We often say: Vietnamese hard-working, industrious, creative, but casual manner. American personality is dynamic, active, ambitious but individualist, like to express. Japanese personality is disciplined, scientific, detailed, meticulous but rigid, conservative.

The fate of each of us largely depends on these two types of personality. If you’re lucky, the environment will support the development of your BABY GOOD CHARACTERS. Unfortunately, it is unfortunate that it has tolerated the fondness of occasional characters.

Living in a SOCIAL manner is very CALLY, because sometimes you will find yourself not anymore! Society forces us to admit and admit, but do not make it personal.


“When you build your character for yourself, you are really living your own life.”

People are oriented towards Freedom. Freedom simply has the right to self-determination and self-responsibility for one’s own life. But our personality is partly determined by fate, partly because of social influence, are we really free?

The answer is NOT for those who have not built their own personality. This type of personality is called under a very nice name, CORE VALUES. (This is the keyword for you to learn how to build core core value for the individual – just like building a core value for your business.)

Core values ​​are the term used in building corporate culture.

But core values ​​should also be used in the culture of the individual.

Core Values ​​are the CALCULATIONS that businesses CHOOSE for themselves. For example, Facebook like personality, influence, adventure, fast, open. Sony pioneer, creative, individual personality. VNPT Epay choose personality: love human, professional, creative, quality …

The core values ​​are the same ones that CHOOSE to oneself.

The process of building core values ​​for individuals or businesses begins with the following:

  1. Find out the innate personality, personality by the environment affected by the individual / business.
  2. Learn about our future desires
  3. CHOOSE personality to do core values
  4. Clarify those core values ​​(what is innovation for us? Giving awareness and action motto accordingly.
  5. Take control of all our words, actions, thoughts and values.
  6. Get feedback and adjustments. Shaping your personality, you will really live your own life! Of course this is not easy. It is even very difficult (where few enterprises successfully built corporate culture).

But it is the price of it! Good luck!

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