Do This 4 Things And Stay Motivated
July 17, 2017
August 18, 2017

Sometimes you will feel discouraged with the intentions or the work you are pursuing. If it is light then maybe you just want to find something fun to relax and then come back to work. At worst you lose your goal of life, lose your inherent joy and give up on the things that you are pursuing. This is dangerous because it is the catalyst for bigger things such as infertility, let down as well as make your life down. Here I will point out to you the 3 tips needed to help you in getting out of feeling depressed and motivated.


1 / Think about starting point

Almost everyone who starts doing something or pursues their own plan will definitely have something in common sense called excitement. It is this feeling that will follow us throughout the journey, but this feeling will diminish over time and produce feelings of discouragement. That is why we are forced to ask ourselves questions to awaken the feeling of inner excitement.

When you feel depressed, think like yourself, “Why do you want to start work or plan, then how are you feeling, excited or What’s funny and what is your goal? ” Write down these questions, ask yourself and write the answers on paper, you will be surprised by the answers you write down. These questions will help you find the excitement within you and give you more motivation to pursue your own goals.

2 / Confide with the people you trust

In some cases, the feeling of depression is the accumulation of stress or negative emotions that shelter and accumulate within yourself. So the best thing to do is to say it, relieve everything with the people you trust, it can be your parents, your friends, your lover or your soul mate.

You can appoint him or her to the place where you feel most comfortable, where you can release your soul into the words of peace; Start the story with the work you are doing, and now you are feeling depressed, you do not have enough motivation to continue. The best thing is to relax yourself and say things that are annoying to you, do not hesitate or do not fear. I believe that he or she can help you get rid of this depressed feeling by listening to you express the negative feelings or the pressures that you are experiencing. Moreover, they can give you advice or pass on to you positive emotions. It is the interpretation that will give you more motivation to continue the journey.

3 / Take time to rest

No one can go a long way without rest, and even you. Give yourself some time to relax your mind by inviting your best friend out to the cinema to watch a movie you like but due to the busy schedule you do not have time to plan a trip. Go out alone or together with your friends or just drop slowly in the park and breathe the fresh air. The best thing is to lift your butt and go out to relax your mind.

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